Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Northwest Creeking Competition

The weekend started out with leaving right after school hoping we would make it in time to do a quick run. After having no idea what the fastest way would be, driving to Stevensen to find directions and asking a few different people along the way where to go my brother and I found our way through Baddle Ground and on our way to the East Fork of the Lewis River for the Northwest Creeking Competition. We arrived just as it was was getting dark and we still had to set up camp. After we set up our hamocks and tent in case it rained it was dark so no time for a paddle. We got up the next morning for a practice run and had some fun on Sunset falls. Finally the race started and I was pumped for my run. Later that night I found out that my brother had placed first, beating me by 5 seconds and I placed second, still not too bad and I was happy with my performance. I had a great time chillin' that night and was pumped for the huck fest the following day. Unfortunaelty it was cold and rainy that day and most people went home. Again, my brother showed me up again with his paddle throw at the lip then stuck a beautiful donkey flip, and I wish I could have got it on film from my angle. I was still happy to have placed second and I look forward to next years races and the upcoming Clackamas Whitewater Festival.

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