Monday, May 18, 2009

1st D- Summit Creek

I've gotta thank my dad for this one. Some years ago he flew over this small little creek that had a bunch of beautiful waterfalls that he could see from his plane. After he figured out how to get there, he took my brother and I hiking to look at these waterfalls. I was young enough I can't quite remember the trip but looking back my brother remembered the waterfalls and from what he knows now thought they might be runnable. After finding where to go to find the goods he made his way to explore the creek. He came back that night telling me all about how awesome the run would be and that we needed to get out there soon. So the next weekend we called up Cody Howard to come and explore the unrun creek with us. It turned out to be an amazing run with many awesome features. That day we only explored the lower section but know that we would be back for the upper gorge soon. The run started out with a short hike down to our put in then a lot of bushwhacking and walking around log jams. The creek didn't look too promising until we got to the first few slides. All fairly simple but very fun then we got to the first major horizon line. This was the monster skate park quarter pipe drop. It consisted of a 40-50ft. vertical drop into about a 15ft. slide that launched into a HUGE rooster tail and spit you out into the pool below. Below that was "the well" and then a couple more slides until the run flattened out to the take out. A few days later my brother went back to explore the upper gorge with Eric Boomer and Evan Garcia. This time you hiked a little down a steep hill and bushwhacked down the river to where there was a few fun warm up slides then the first major drop. This first big one consisted of a triple-tier drop then quickly catch an eddy before Summit Creek Falls. This was the biggest drop in the upper gorge. It was about a 50-60ft drop with a sketchy slide lead in. Eric Boomer made the first decent of these drop, followed by my brother, then Evan. Every ones skirt imploded and they all had to be quick to get somewhere safe before sliding down the next two large slides called "fat chicks." This finished off the upper gorge and we made our way down the lower section with a great end to the trip.