Sunday, April 19, 2009

Money Drop

The unstable soil of rock creek makes for great waterfalls. Rock Creek Falls has changed a lot in the past few years. It has gone from a huge 80ish footer, down to a 20 footer and has slowly washed away into the 60ish footer that it is now. The drop has an extremely fast lead in but it's not a huge deal if you boof out far. When my brother and I arrived here there was a group of paddllers huckin' the falls. They had a great time on it so it was our turn. I ran the falls first with a near perfect line, unfortunately Tate, who was taking pictures missed the shot because I came in so fast and was down the waterfall so quickly. After I watched my brother run it I fired it up again hoping for the shot I wanted. I didn't have quite as good of line as my first run landing a little more flat. Luckily it turned out beautifully which was a very good thing because I was about done after hitting my nose on my arm resulting in a pretty painful and bloody face. I'm excited to go fire it up again and hopefully hit up the other falls on rock creek.

Below, definately my favorite shot of the day.

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