Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lower Falls on N. Fork of the Lewis River

Earlier in the week I went up to the North Fork of the Lewis River for a bike ride. I had been up there once before and remember seeing some cool waterfalls. That was when I was just starting out kayaking and learning to roll. I remember saying to my brother, "when we get older, we are definitely gonna run these." Remembering that I brought along my kayaking stuff just in case anything was runnable. The bike trail paralleled the river so I got to see all of the features. There are four waterfalls along the way and they all looked runnable but the top three just needed some more water. However the Lower Falls looked absolutely perfect. I didn't do it that day but today I came up here with my brother and our friend Tate Taylor who got some cool shots. We measured the drop and it was almost exactly 40 feet. That was a definite step up from anything that I have ever done. My brother ran it first and he came up ok but with a cut nose and throbbing head but that was about it. I was pretty scared to run it after seeing him but I went for it, we had a great safety setup and everything was good to go. I got my line going down the first little drop then took a little much of a right boof stoke and probably shouldn't have tucked on my left side. That caused me to start a barrel roll and land a little sideways but I came out all right. Unfortunately my skirt imploded on impact so I had to paddle as far as I could then swim out. It was a great day and I can't wait to run the other falls soon. I'll also have more pictures up when I get those.

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