Wednesday, October 13, 2010

West Virginia and North Carolina

After countless hours of driving, we finally arrived at our long awaited destination somewhere between midnight and four a.m. The next morning the group woke up to blue skies and what felt like a tropical rainforest somewhere in West Virginia.

Waking up to a tasty hot breakfast

This is where we would be camping for the next ten days while paddling the Gauley and New River. We spent the next week and a half looking over the the beautiful Gauley River gorge while studying Spanish, English, Physics, History and Mathematics.

Our camp in West Virginia
The Upper Gauley River is a beautiful fourteen mile stretch of whitewater that offers countless rapids, playspots and boofs for any type of whitewater enthusiast. To top it off, the water always seemed to be warmer than the air and our campsite was a short hike from the take out. After a few days on the Gauley we made our way to the New River which is a mellow playboat run with an even more impressive gorge surrounding the river.

I crashed
After we spent as much time as we could in the lush forests of West Virginia, it was time to move on to North Carolina. Here we stayed at an empty summer camp that featured indoor bunks, hot showers and a lake complete with dock, rope swing and diving board. Here the group relaxed with classes on the lake shore and afternoon paddle sessions at a local play spot and the Green River.

Our afternoon playspot