Thursday, August 19, 2010

World Class Kayak Academy

World Class Kayak Academy (WCKA) is a traveling high school for students that want to earn their education while exploring unique rivers and cultures around the world. Kids can attend the school for as little as a semester or for an entire three years if they choose. The school is based in Crystal Springs, Montana and from there, kids travel to various destinations such as the East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Chile, Peru, Mexico, China and Africa.

For months on end students study, travel, and paddle the best whitewater in the world while earning their high school credits. Last year my brother Todd attended his last semester of his senior year in Chile with World Class Kayak Academy. This year I was given the opportunity of a life time to attend WCKA and I’ll soon be traveling to the East Coast of the U.S. Africa to find the biggest waves in the world while finishing a semester of my junior year of high school.

3 days from today!

Myself, and up to 12 other high school students will embark on this semester long journey starting with kayaking on the Ottowa river in Canada and heading south towards Tennessee and North Carolina. After a ten-day fall break we will hop on planes from our home towns and head to Livingstone, Zambia to take high school classes in the morning and paddle the Zambezi River all afternoon. After a month of living it up on the Zambezi, the students and teachers will then head to the Nile River in Uganda to set up camp and surf the famous waves of the White Nile River.

After this unforgettable semester of high school, I will come back to school at my home town in Washington State while WCKA continues on with the second Semester visiting China and the West Coast of the U.S.

Keep on checking the blog and my personal blog for updates, photos and video of the incredible places that I will be traveling.