Wednesday, August 12, 2009

East Coast

Surfing the Artificial Wave
After spending the first part of my summer staying around home paddling and working I took off to explore a new part of the country that I had never paddled before. I packed up my gear and flew all the way across the country to Washington D.C. Staying at a friend of my Mom’s just out of D.C. we were tourists for a day then drove to West Virginia to stay at a friends’ farm with a bunch of other paddlers from the Midwest and East coast. For about a week we paddled different rivers around WV including the Youghiogheny and spent some time play boating at ASCI’s artificial whitewater course. The experience of this new strange type of whitewater made me realize how spoiled I am in the northwest with the miles of river at my doorstep.The concrete drops just seemed a bit bizarre.
Constantly Dodging rafts
With everyone going back home I headed back to D.C. and paddled a couple days on the Potomac River which was super low but still fun to get out on. After almost two weeks of fun whitewater on the East Coast I was on my way to meet my
brother in Montana for some more paddling.
Paddling the Potomac River